Developing the environmental passport of an enterprise

Who needs an environmental passport:

  • Аll legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in economic activities (perform works, provide services, produce products or energy), as well as all legal entities that use  buildings and structures;
  • An environmental passport must contain information about the areas to be leased (if any). At the same time, each tenant must independently develop an environmental passport for his legal entity.


  • An environmental passport is developed for the whole life cycle of the enterprise;
  • If the production technology is changed, in case of modernization or replacement of equipment and other technological changes, amendments or additions are made to the environmental passport every year until March  1st.

If there’s no specialist-environmentalist in your staff, we can develop an environmental passport of the enterprise or any other environmental documentation for you in accordance with current legislation. Our advantages are: competitive cost, quality and timing of the work.


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