100 billion tons of waste…

The IX International Forum “Ecology” has taken place in Moscow recently. Representatives of the government, business and the public discussed the sustainable development of Russia; reduction of the negative impact of industry on the environment; creation of an effective waste management system; ecology of water supply and sanitation systems; protection of water bodies; protection and reproduction of bioresources; introduction of environmentally friendly technologies; alternative energy; “green” tools usage; ecological education and ecotourism.

The participants of the forum drew attention to the critical situation in the field of wildlife protection, the catastrophic growth of poaching, the problems of water supply and water separation, unresolved issues of garbage disposal and liquidation of accumulated environmental damage. A special place at the forum was given to environmental education and eco-volunteering, which fits into the trend of 2018, which is declared the Year of the Volunteer.

Two agreements have been signed, with the Governor of the Smolensk Region and the Deputy Governor of the Bryansk Region, on the promotion and implementation of specific environmental projects …

It should be reminded that the Forum worked on March 22-23, 2018 on the site of the Congress Park of the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow. The event was supported by the State Duma Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection and The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation. All the relevant departments of the Russian Federation sent representatives to participate in the forum.

One of the speeches at the forum makes the scale of the accumulated problems especially vivid. In 2018, the Russian government planned to allocate 2.7 billion rubles to eliminate the accumulated environmental damage. According to experts, the amount should be increased several times, this assessment was supported by Kirill Cherkasov, deputy chairman of the Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

“Every year we increase the debt, we do not liquidate the accumulated environmental damage. Due to insufficient funding, we do not react fully to the actual challenges. Today, Russia has accumulated 100 billion tons of waste, “Kirill Cherkasov said.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, the problem is that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology does not see any real work on the ground. “Regions have not yet prepared a road map for liquidation, we do not see any radical changes in this area of ​​activity. The Ministry did not fulfill 6 orders of President Vladimir Putin, “Cherkasov said.

So far, the ratio is: 100 billion tons of waste – and the signing of only two agreements with the regions on specific measures to tackle the problem. It is no accident that Kirill Cherkasov addressed the forum participants: “The Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection will be grateful if you, the delegates, accelerate the creation of resolutions and road maps for the elimination of accumulated environmental damage. We are open to your suggestions … ”

Money, really. Isn’t it ridiculous: for 100 billion tons of waste, only 2.7 billion rubles? That is, for 27 Russian kopecks for every 10 tons of eco-waste …

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